Här är förslagen som kan förhindra att Lund blir en kulturell öken

Artikel tillsammans med Henrik Hedlund om Lunds kulturella framtid – i Sydsvenska Dagbladet på Konstkvällen i Lund, den 18. oktober 2014.

Frank Gehry – is there one politician somewhere with a similar creativity

Frank Gehry on his ground-breaking new gallery design
Isn’t it just amasing what human creativity and a sense of beauty can create? This is a magnificent new ‘sculptured’ building by Frank Gehry, mostly known perhaps for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Now, imagine that the profession called politician could show us just one man or woman with the same free spirit and mind, just a fraction of such innovative thinking!! And if they have creativity it is in how to fool, deceive, lie, destroy and play games…

We need creative politics or, as György Konrad once called iy, anti-politics…

Konstkvällen – Art Night – i Lund – Catalogue

Konstkvällen – Art Night – i Lund
Katalog över allt som händer – Catalogue with all events!

Dagens efter hos mig: Konstsöndag 14-17 – Art Sunday 14-17 at my studio the day after.


TFF PressInfo 284: The biiig thing we all deny

The biiiiig thing we all deny: Nuclear weapons and the risk of killing humankind.
Intro by Jan Oberg to:
“U.S. nuclear policy is taking the wrong road” by TFF Associate David Krieger, President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.


► ► Bosnia today and Yugoslavia then

Voting has begun in Bosnia in an election dominated by nationalist rhetoric and a stagnant economy.

A good 2000 pages by three scholars who were present during the wars in Yugoslavia and did not buy the Western political and media simplifications and blame game.

Neither did they buy the Western ‘peace’ making, the results of which can be seen in today’s Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia.

You can’t fool all of the people all of the time but you can fool quite a proportion of the people most of the time – but not forever.

If there is one thing that should be abundantly clear by now it is this: As brilliant as the West is at fighting wars as lousy it is as a mediator and peacemaker – a major reason it is going down in relation to the rest of the world. By and large that process started in Yugoslavia.

Oberg PhotoGraphics Studio på Konstkvällen

Oberg PhotoGraphics Studio
Konstkvällen – Art Night – in Lund, October 18 17-22


“Departure 2014″ © Jan Oberg 2014

☮ ☮ TFF PressInfo 283: Nobel’s Peace Prize is not a human rights prize

☮ ☮ TFF PressInfo 283: Nobel’s Peace Prize is not a human rights prize

The Nobel Committee again ignores Alfred Nobel’s words and spirit. Just spend 3 minutes and read Nobel’s will.

Establish a new committee composed of experts in peace and not retired members of parliament.

Peace people around the world have been deprived of their prize and I say so even though I have the highest respect for the two winners. They should, however, have received a human rights prize instead.