TFF PressInfo # 286 – Sweden’s submergency

TFF PressInfo # 286 Sweden’s submergency

This is ultimately about the security of the Swedish people and the region. Investigate the Swedish military’s performance. Take into account other possibilities such as NATO regular presence. Be aware of bought journalism. Demand better security analyses of our media.

► ► Sweden’s mystery submarine search exposed

Sweden’s mystery submarine search exposed

Jan Oberg on RT on the funny hunt and the boulevard press-like coverage of it.

The interview comes in the wake of the TFF PressInfo sent out yesterday that only two American and one Norwegian, but no Swedish media, found worthy dealing with.

By the way, the hunt for an object is already sliding down the Swedish media’s agenda – after the Swedish prime minister announced that military expenditures will be increased…


TFF PressInfo # 285: Vilken ubåt i Sverige?

TFF PressInfo # 285: Vilken ubåt i Sverige?
By Jan Oberg, TFF director

TFF PressInfo # 285: What submarine in Sweden?

TFF PressInfo # 285: What submarine in Sweden?

From Swedish defence force to farce – and boulevard press journalism. Who is playing with our security?

Här är förslagen som kan förhindra att Lund blir en kulturell öken

Artikel tillsammans med Henrik Hedlund om Lunds kulturella framtid – i Sydsvenska Dagbladet på Konstkvällen i Lund, den 18. oktober 2014.

Frank Gehry – is there one politician somewhere with a similar creativity

Frank Gehry on his ground-breaking new gallery design
Isn’t it just amasing what human creativity and a sense of beauty can create? This is a magnificent new ‘sculptured’ building by Frank Gehry, mostly known perhaps for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Now, imagine that the profession called politician could show us just one man or woman with the same free spirit and mind, just a fraction of such innovative thinking!! And if they have creativity it is in how to fool, deceive, lie, destroy and play games…

We need creative politics or, as György Konrad once called iy, anti-politics…

Konstkvällen – Art Night – i Lund – Catalogue

Konstkvällen – Art Night – i Lund
Katalog över allt som händer – Catalogue with all events!

Dagens efter hos mig: Konstsöndag 14-17 – Art Sunday 14-17 at my studio the day after.